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7 Idea Sparks for Online Business Managers

by | Jun 10, 2020

One prospective client categorically stated that they wanted an Online Business Manager who was dedicated to growing the client’s empire, and absolutely NOT interested in building their own. 🤯

This message of playing small has been repeated far too often, so it puts an ambitious OBM in a tricky situation: they have eleventy hundred balls in the air for their clients, but they are seriously squeezed for time (and brain space).

But what do you do when the monotony kicks in, you realise there’s no space to be creative, you’re no longer feeling fulfilled, and that you’ve fallen into that trap of building someone else’s business at the expense of your own?

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be either/or.

I transform ambitious OBMs into well-respected and well-paid consultants whose priority is growing their own business, as well as their clients.

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I really wanted to speak to someone who would understand entrepreneurship, me, and what I am trying to achieve. Victoria was able to serve me in the way I knew I needed. This means, no need to ‘sugar coat’ the responses, simply say it exactly how I need to hear it so that I can become unstuck. Vic was a massive help. After that 30 mins I was able to see a lot clearer my next 4 quarters.

Online Business Owner - Retail

With her wealth of knowledge and by asking me some very direct questions, she was able to help me gain more clarity than I had felt in a very long time. She gave me some great ideas, material and tips. Since our call, I have taken Victoria’s advice and implemented some changes. I have likely been calmer and had the happiest mindset I’ve had in rather a long time.

Online Business Owner - VA

In a single session, Victoria was able to help me unpick and refocus the core of my business, and set a direction that feels fully in alignment with my strengths and values. Victoria is warm, personable, down to earth, and her experience shines through. She took the time to listen and really understand me and my business. Her suggestions and advice were insightful, considered, practical and incredibly valuable.

Online Business Owner - Strategist