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I was tidying out the photos on my phone and was reminded of this thing on Facebook. It’s something that is insanely relevant to your dreams of achieving greater levels and kicking more goal-related ass.

Based on what I’ve been talking about recently, I think you’re going to relate….

Be your own competition

Let’s repeat this so the thought sinks in:

“A champion is someone who enters the competition with themselves” – Todd Herman.

Whaddaya think? To me, it feels like a wake-up call of a quote. I ruddy love it! When I saw it in my phone’s screenshots I immediately thought of ambitious people like you reading this, because it’s such a valuable mindset reminder right there in that quote.

Recently I talked about the real dangers of comparisonitus (and what you can do to overcome it), and I confessed that constantly comparing myself to others has been a real personal battle for me.

Many of you got in touch to say you’d already started to play your own games of Stop, Start, Continue to help create your own next steps. YUSSSS!

The quote by Todd Herman (who publishes some great content – defo go check him out) is a perfect reminder that we often make things so difficult for ourselves when it can actually be so easy. 

In fact, we don’t even need to live with a comparison hangover if we choose to ignore what everyone else is doing and how we might compare. 

In short: Stay. In. Your. Own. Lane. Because, believe me, it’ll help you lay rock-solid foundations for success.

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