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How to make your SMART goal even better

How to make your SMART goal even better

When you think about a goal for your business (or yourself), it’s generally something that will make you more successful. For whatever success looks like for you. How we measure success is very much a personal thing. It can be money or awards and recognition, or it can be something completely different. 

But success – however you see it – needs action

And I want to ask the big question here: what do successful people do that others don’t?

Successful business owners

Because it’s not wealth or connections or luck or their horoscopes, or getting up at 5 am and having a morning routine set in stone.

It’s their attitude towards life.

Successful people are confidenttenacious, and driven.

These are all attitudes, not skills.

So I’d love to take a hot moment and explore how we can set you up for success with your goal-setting for the second half of this year.


And the default advice is always the SMART snore-fest:

  • Specific >>> know exactly what you want
  • Measurable >>> be able to follow the progress
  • Achievable >>> be within your capabilities
  • Realistic >>> be possible to do while staying directly relevant to your core strategy
  • Time >>> you must make time to do the thing and set a deadline

You’ve heard of it before, right? It’s not a new concept.

So here’s a challenge to crank it up a notch.

What if I asked you to make your goals not just smart, but smartEST?


  • Exciting >>> you need to feel flippin’ excited about the goal! It needs to light you up! Tune into how achieving this goal will make you feel. Maybe: proud, assured, secure, successful, encouraged, delighted. The list goes on.
  • Super-charged >>> your goals need to disrupt your current status quo and explode through those comfort zones that you have going on in your own universe. The things that give you the sweaty palms just thinking about them. Great things never come from comfort zones. Keep stretching yourself.
  • Task-driven >>> it’s not about creating a goal and then hoping you get there, it’s about detailing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of the teeny-tiny tasks you need to tick through along the way to stop the overwhelm and promote progress you can measure. If you don’t do this, you’re likely to move into procrastination through overwhelm.

Whatever your goals are, they’re going to take time, focus and dedication to achieve. So when you consider what’s next in your business game plan – things like updating website copy or email marketing, the next step is to break those goals into tasks and deadlines and be superlative using the SMARTEST method*. 

* I totally made this up. In all honesty, I was hoping for a TRETIS-related acronym, but I’ll have to save that idea for another day.

Why you need to reflect and review your goals right now

Why you need to reflect and review your goals right now

Gosh, time flies and we’re hurtling towards the second half of 2020. 

I think it’s fair to say that this year hasn’t gone to plan for any of us, so here’s a quick recap of what’s happened in my world since January:

Review of my 2020 so far

  • I started the year on a total high and a JFDI attitude
  • I was pregnant and wanted to work ALL the hours to save ALL the cash to have a proper maternity leave (my mat leave with Freya was cut short because my role was made redundant)
  • A blog I wrote about networking was featured in a well-known entrepreneurial e-magazine 
  • An uh-may-zing author agreed to come on my podcast show (total fangirl moment right there!)
  • Then the pregnancy turned into another miscarriage with complications that lasted for months
  • I couldn’t align diaries with the superstar author between time zones, so the interview was cancelled in between hospital appointments
  • I was invited to an entrepreneur’s podcast… but she’d announced her own 13-week pregnancy scan photos and I honest-to-god couldn’t face it because I felt jealous… so I politely declined
  • No matter how much I loved the VA Matchmaking side of my business, it wasn’t profitable, nor did potential clients see the value, so I closed it down
  • Coronavirus hit and suddenly life and priorities felt very different
  • Doing #AllTheThings no longer seemed so important

Regular Reflection

reflection and review

I think we all need to make time for regular reflection and introspection, and I like to do this every six months, coffee in hand, to set the right tone for the rest of the year (pandemics permitting).

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve kept coming back to and tweaking my goals for the second half of 2020, and I wanted to share the biggest ones with you. 

Goal One

To spend no more than five hours each week on business development

I class business development as writing marketing materials (social media posts, weekly emails, blogs, repurposing existing content), social media engagement, and training.

I’m curious – do you think five hours a week is too much or too little?

I ask because I’ve been averaging around 11 hours a week on business development. Thank goodness for those stats hitting me in the face via Toggl… and no wonder I’m tired. 

This is all about working smarter, not harder (read more about that here). I want to challenge the idea that working less is going to have a hugely detrimental effect.

And I feel super inspired to do this after picking up the book Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Ambitious Women by Kate Northrup. So, I’m gonna try it over the next three months.

Goal Two

To create more innovative solutions and enable you to play bigger 

I have a heap of ideas that I know will help you (and others like you) make bolder decisions and achieve success more quickly. 

PDFs, courses, a membership. I’m chock full of ideas.

BUT I haven’t moved forward with any of them. Yet.

Stay tuned! 

Goal Three

To update my website

When I closed down my VA Matchmaking business, I removed the vast majority of pages from my website. It felt too overwhelming to tackle rewriting everything all at once.

During this second half of the year, I’m going to add in my services and a regular blog. Plus all the other juicy stuff that helps explain to new people how my core values and skills help transform OBMs into highly successful (and well-paid) business owners.

So, there you have it.

There’s nothing like sharing your goals with a business bestie to stay accountable.

And I think it’s really important to set goals because it gives focus and direction. You know the saying, “the only way to coast is downhill”.

What about you? What is your #1 goal for the second half of 2020?

I love to know more about your plans.

Here’s to a productive rest of the year – I hope it goes more to plan than the first half. 

How to work smarter (not harder)

How to work smarter (not harder)

I hate working hard. Wanting to work smarter and not harder doesn’t make you lazy or afraid of hard work. 

It means you don’t want your work to feel like hard work.

As a business owner/partner/mummy, my time is squeezed at the best of times. And more so right now while the schools are closed and the childcare/homeschool/work juggle is very real. I want to be as freakin’ efficient as possible AND feel like I’m making progress.

It’s the reason why we all do this. 

Fixing the working harder problem


Who else is fed up of working hard? All. The. Freaking. Time. Early mornings. Late nights. Weekends. Trying to do #AllTheThings was getting really tiring. Yet we all have the same hours in a day as Beyonce sooooo.

I came across a phrase that is a PROPER lightbulb moment, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Although, it’s been a real tricky time to get my head around it because I have to call myself out on the BS I carry around. 

And getting my head around this ONE phrase makes such a big difference to achieving goals and keeping your sanity. 

In fact, not doing this one this is the reason things keep falling apart. Why you are constantly in planning mode and never finishing the doing. 

Do you want to know what it is?

It’s to stop confusing motion with action.

Motion versus Action

Motion is diligently helping your clients and staying behind the scenes because because it pays the bills and you’re grateful to have clients. I mean, we’ll ignore the idea that some of the tasks bore you to tears, because that work keeps a roof over your head and, hello, there’s a recession, people! Sometimes, you do try to speak up and offer intelligent and relevant suggestions, but you never feel like your ideas are truly heard or appreciated because you can’t seem to shift the label of helper. Nothing is particularly wrong per se. But you do want more. Something more. Not-quite-sure-what more.

When I heard about this motion versus action idea, I seriously needed to call out my own internal BS, but I found understanding the true meaning of it all a little tricky, so here are a few other examples that you might relate to:

Motion is staying small behind the scenes while diligently helping your clients because it pays the bills even it bores you. You try to step up and offer intelligent suggestions, but your ideas are not heard or appreciated your client views you as just the admin.

Action is deciding your ideas ARE worth hearing because you have more to give. You call out your own BS and look at your current reality versus where you want to be, and come up with a plan for change.

Motion is putting on your big girl pants and deciding that you too can benefit from email marketing. So you pop it on your to-do list… for next month.

Action is creating a smart marketing plan and regularly driving your ideal client towards a freebie download that’s relevant to what you offer. And you build an email list to generate more leads.

Motion is signing up for another super fun five-day challenge about how to write that training course in your head. 

Action is doing the hard thing and dedicating an hour a day to write the course that you want to publish and sell. 

Motion is carefully writing the copy for your new sales page to get it absolutely perfect. (Side note to your subconscious: could this be procrastination through perfection?)

Action is hitting publish on that sales page AND consistently telling people about it over the course of weeks. 

Motion is often fun, and it can be the right next step, but it’s never going to help you build your empire or play bigger if you never transition to the next stage – and that’s action.

Action is the hard thing

Action makes you vulnerable because there is the possibility you’ll have a gigantic wet kipper slapped in your face. No-one wants that. I get it.

But without doing the hard thing, your beautiful ideas aren’t going to make you any money because your audience doesn’t know your creative, innovative and intelligent solutions exist.

Over to you… do you call yourself out when you find yourself stuck in motion rather than action?

Be Your Own Competition (and stay in your own lane)

Be Your Own Competition (and stay in your own lane)

I was tidying out the photos on my phone and was reminded of this thing on Facebook. It’s something that is insanely relevant to your dreams of achieving greater levels and kicking more goal-related ass.

Based on what I’ve been talking about recently, I think you’re going to relate….

Be your own competition

Let’s repeat this so the thought sinks in:

“A champion is someone who enters the competition with themselves” – Todd Herman.

Whaddaya think? To me, it feels like a wake-up call of a quote. I ruddy love it! When I saw it in my phone’s screenshots I immediately thought of ambitious people like you reading this, because it’s such a valuable mindset reminder right there in that quote.

Recently I talked about the real dangers of comparisonitus (and what you can do to overcome it), and I confessed that constantly comparing myself to others has been a real personal battle for me.

Many of you got in touch to say you’d already started to play your own games of Stop, Start, Continue to help create your own next steps. YUSSSS!

The quote by Todd Herman (who publishes some great content – defo go check him out) is a perfect reminder that we often make things so difficult for ourselves when it can actually be so easy. 

In fact, we don’t even need to live with a comparison hangover if we choose to ignore what everyone else is doing and how we might compare. 

In short: Stay. In. Your. Own. Lane. Because, believe me, it’ll help you lay rock-solid foundations for success.

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