“I’m thinking of hiring a VA”

Achieving success in business is easy.

Just be stonking good at what you do, and serve your clients to the best of your abilities.

Rinse, repeat.

Okay, I may have oversimplified one or two things a teeny tiny little bit.

But in essence, that part of success is simple.

Maintaining your success, however, and growing your business to even greater levels of excellence – that’s when the real challenges start.

It’s also the point at which too many entrepreneurs fail.

They hit a ceiling, a maximum amount of work they can handle, and they just can’t seem to break through it.

So they work a little harder. Sacrifice a bit more of their precious personal time. All in the service of those clients they love working with. Oh, they know it’s not sustainable in the long run. They realise the pressure is making them hate even more all those tasks they didn’t like much, to begin with.

And they’d much rather have more downtime to themselves, spend more quality time with their family. 

But not right now, they tell themselves. Not quite yet. Maybe next week. Or next month. Or…

What makes it even more tragic is they know – they KNOW – what would solve their problem.

They know it’s as simple as outsourcing tasks to someone else.

So why aren’t they doing it?

What’s the REAL reason they decide to keep slogging on?

Fear and trust.

Those are the only two things holding them back.

Holding YOU back.

I get it though. And I don’t blame you. Because it’s a big thing to place your trust in someone.

You went above & beyond my expectations. I desperately needed guidance and you gave me not just the guidance, but the assurance and confidence I really needed to set me up successfully – AND – you even went through her contacts to put me in touch with the right people for exactly what I was looking for.  🙂 You deserve all the praise because that’s exactly how we should all do business – with heart. 

Nakita Attard Vassallo

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