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Hi! I’m Victoria Tretis…

As an Online Business Manager, I’m here to match clients with the right VA. That’s what I do.

Businesses and entrepreneurs come to me when they think they need a Virtual Assistant. They tell me about their specific situation and together we explore how a VA could help them.

Then I delve into my contacts and my database to find the VA with just the right profile for that client.

That’s where you come in. Complete the form to register for free.

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I can’t promise you any work obviously, because that depends mainly on the client and their needs.

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NO spammy sales tactics!

I merely want to expand my network so I can help businesses and entrepreneurs find the VA who’s right for them.

ZERO cost to you!

Registering your details is FREE.

No signup fee, renewal fee or any of that nonsense.

There’s also NO cost to you if I match you up with a client.

There’s no admin fee for you, and I don’t take a commission on your contract.

I charge the client a finder’s fee.

You don’t pay me anything for my services. That feels like a fair deal to me.

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Victoria is just amazing at what she does. I signed up to her matchmaking service (as a VA) and within not even a week Victoria had matched me with a client whose business aligns perfectly with my background and skills. The client and I are both completely over the moon to have found each other and it’s all down to Victoria! I would recommend her in a heartbeat – this lady sure knows her stuff!

Emma Arnott

Yellow Zest VA Support

Victoria’s reputation proceeds her and I’ve followed her posts for some time. Working with Victoria has been so easy and effortless. The online form is easy to complete with lots of opportunity to add all my skills and experience, and I felt confident that in time Victoria would match me with a client. However, I never would have imagined it would be so quick!

Within a few days Victoria had contacted me about a potential short term project. She connected me with the client and it was indeed a perfect match of my skills with his requirements.

If you’re a serious VA looking to expand your client base and work with people you wouldn’t necessary meet in your usual networking areas, then registering with Victoria is a no-brainer! I’d highly recommend her.

Maria Johnson

Johnson Virtual Assistance

About Victoria Tretis

Victoria Tretis worked as a kick-ass Virtual Assistant (VA) for six years before retraining as a Certified Online Business Manager in early 2019.

Since then, she’s published training to help other VAs earn more money, and launched the Remote Working podcast. Reflecting on the VA world, Victoria identified that most client/VA relationships break down due to mis-matched expectations which cause frustration both in and towards the VA industry. Victoria decided she wanted to change this, and launched her VA Matchmaker service with a database of professional VAs.

Now she works with clients who are thinking about hiring a VA but don’t know where to start. Victoria’s tried and tested methodology gives clients a clear action plan to successfully find, hire and onboard a VA.

Because hiring a VA is easy. Hiring the right VA is considerably harder.

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