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In the opening episode of the Remote Working podcast, we cover the top three biggest challenges when it comes to working remotely, as mentioned by remote workers in a recent survey conducted. Going forward in this series, we will talk about these key themes with our special guests and discuss the common issues we face daily.

I’m Victoria Tretis and welcome to the Remote Working podcast where we’re talking about tech, teams and trust. Now, I wanted to start a podcast for a good couple of years now, but quite honestly, I’ve just not had the guts to do so before now. I knew that it was a fantastic opportunity for me to get my message to a wider audience and also teach people new things and collaborate with people, but it just felt like a step too far outside my comfort zone. So it’s a little bit awkward trying to record this first recording for you today, but bear with me, I’m sure I’ll soon get into the swing of things. Now I just need to go with the theme of remote working because I have worked from home for, I want to say almost six years, but then early on in the year I did move into an office space. So I continue to support clients on a remote basis, but I’m not home remote working like I used to.

So I know first-hand that remote working is becoming more and more common place. And I did a little survey earlier on in the year to ask people what they felt were the biggest challenges when working remotely just so that I could get a better idea of what the key themes should be for this podcast. Now the survey specifically went to remote workers and I received 87 responses from lovely, lovely people. And these are the three most common issues that they were facing.

So 38% of people said that building trust with people that they were unlikely to ever meet was their biggest problem. So I feel like not being able to meet somebody face to face can hinder the development of trust. I’m not saying that it’s impossible and certainly with the rise of video conferencing is certainly easier and that can fast track their relationship in terms of the trust. But certainly meeting someone in person helps you get a better feel for their personalities and their values, and that can influence your opinion as a client as well as to whether you want to take them on as a client. So the downside about working remotely and this whole building trust thing is that you’re not in the room with somebody, so you can’t see their facial expressions or maybe their mannerisms, their posture and their body language. So like I said, it’s not impossible, but when you are restricted to written correspondence primarily then building trust can certainly be tricky and it’s a subject that we’ll be covering more of over the coming episodes. So one of the next big things.

So building trust was 38%. Next in line at 37% was procrastination and putting things off. So I think we’ve all been very guilty of this, because when there’s nobody looking over your shoulder all day, it can be really easy to lose focus and this can be a big issue for those of us who’ve worked from home where chores or pets or children or even partners can present endless time sucks to hinder our progress and kind of just, so even the most well intentioned remote worker can experience problems there. So again, something that we’re going to be covering in the next few episodes.

And then at 34% there was a problem with the blur between the work-life boundaries. Now I know first-hand that working remotely often makes it really frickin’ difficult to separate work from the rest of your life. If you work from home you often don’t have the distinction of heading into an office to separate the two aspects of life and it can be really hard to switch off at the end of the day when an idea suddenly pops into your head or an unexpected email arise and you just want to deal with it there and then, I totally get it. And in actual fact, that was one of the reasons for me wanting to move into the office space earlier on in the year because certainly over the summer holidays just gone, it felt like the first six weeks holiday where I didn’t feel constantly torn between what I was doing at work and what I wanted to perhaps do as a parent. So having that physical separation for me has definitely helped because I know how challenging it’s been in the previous years as well.

So over the next few episodes, I’m going to be having some fantastic guests coming in to speak with me about all of the issues relating to building a remote working business and all of the tech issues and the tech challenges that building a team and building a trust along the way as well. So I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, drop me an email. It’s


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