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Clue: not many!


Podcast update:

Happy holidays!

We had such a lovely Christmas (aside from the Santa disaster – did you hear how Freya received two rollerskates for the same foot? Gah!).

BUT in between all that drama and not quite knowing which day of the week it is thanks to Crimbo Limbo, series two of the podcast is now out 🥳 and I need to tell you about a couple of changes to the format.

I won’t lie, editing all of series one myself after being let down by two podcast editors was a LOT of work, and those 5am starts to keep on top of the weekly release schedule as well as all the client work nearly damn broke me.

Hence why I’ve been quiet on the podcast front! 

So you’re going to see me keep it super simple for my solo episodes in series two.

No fancy intros, fewer show notes, and absolutely no editing.

Yup, that’s right – this is the raw and real me in all my geeky glory. 🤓

Here are the shows you can catch up on:

  • 012 – Why you never seem to have enough time…
  • 013 – The four-letter acronym to change your life
  • 014 – Working smarter
  • 015 – My top 10 tools of 2019

Also, you won’t receive an email every time a show is released, so please make sure you subscribe in your platform of choice to watch and listen.



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