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Are you an ambitious OBM who’s ready to play bigger?


I might just be able to help you with that.


7 Idea Sparks for OBMs

One prospective client categorically stated that they wanted an Online Business Manager who was dedicated to growing the client’s empire, and absolutely NOT interested in building their own. 🤯

This message of playing small has been repeated far too often, so it puts an ambitious OBM in a tricky situation: they have eleventy hundred balls in the air for their clients, but they are seriously squeezed for time (and brain space).

But what do you do when the monotony kicks in, you realise there’s no space to be creative, you’re no longer feeling fulfilled, and that you’ve fallen into that trap of building someone else’s business at the expense of your own?

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be either/or. And I have some idea sparks for you. 💡 😉 💪 👇