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If you’re anything like me, running a business can sometimes leave you with too much mental clutter and not enough breathing space.

The day-to-day responsibilities of running a business make it difficult to find time for creative thinking, new ideas and innovation. Even though you’re being productive, you’re missing opportunities for growth and development.

It wasn’t until reading Success Hangover by Kelsey Ramsden that I began to truly understand how mental breathing space allows you to have more of what Kelsey calls ‘aha moments’.

Free your mind

Do you ever wonder why we often have our best thoughts in the shower? When we do monotonous tasks that require little mental effort, our brains go on autopilot. This frees the subconscious to work on something else in the background.

The more deeply you focus on a task, the more likely your brain is to dismiss unconventional or creative ideas. That’s why forcing yourself to be creative on the spot is often a dead end.

Now, I’m not telling you to move your desk into the shower. I’m showing you why giving your brain a bit of freedom helps you to be more creative and spark those aha moments.

Kelsey’s six requirements for innovation


You’ll have to read the book for the full explanation (which I thoroughly recommend), but I want to share Kelsey’s six requirements for innovation. These are elements that she believes are essential to let your creativity flow.

1. Trust

You’ll never implement your new ideas if you don’t trust yourself. You need to believe in yourself and your innovations.

2. Freedom

Having the time, space and opportunity to evolve your ideas is essential for them to be fully realised.

3. Intuition

We’re often told to base our business ideas on facts and not to take risks. However, your intuition is an “overlooked secret weapon” that can lead to amazing new opportunities.

4. Training

It’s important to be competent before sharing your ideas with the world.

5. Being Present

Worrying about the past or the future can sometimes be a hindrance to creativity. Kelsey recommends witnessing what’s happening with the idea in an impartial way.

6. Translating

This means taking your idea and sharing it with the world without fear of judgement.

Are you ready to have more a-ha! moments? 

So, how many of the six requirements for innovation have you got covered? My guess is, if you’re being brutally honest, that you’re possibly not ticking them all right now.

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