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If you’ve been thinking about your goals and recognise you’re limiting your own business potential by trying to do everything on your own, then perhaps you need a little help.

Have you thought about working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

I’m Victoria Tretis. And to avoid any confusion: I hung up my Virtual Assistant hat a while ago.

I’m what’s called an Online Business Manager. The virtual wing woman working behind the scenes, helping to manage the moving parts of a growing and evolving business. I also hire VAs for clients. So I know my stuff. 😉

With a minimum invoice amount from just one hour a month, working with a VA gives everyone access to flexible support whenever they need it, and all without the hassle or commitment of taking on an employee. Me included.

Clearly I’m converted, but if you’re new to the idea, there are other benefits that may pique your interest:


Find the right skills for the job

You might need a certain VA’s skills for a specific project only – maybe just a few hours of data mining, a presentation deck creating in PowerPoint, or pre- and post-coaching questionnaires creating.

Working with a VA on a remote basis means you’re not stuck in a talent pool based on geographical location; you now have access to talented individuals all around the world.

By having a trusted assistant whose skillset and strengths align with those particular tasks, you gain peace of mind to know that your business is ticking along while your focus is on the fun stuff that does bring you joy.


Develop relationships with your own clients

You may recognise the need for ongoing business support – tasks like diary management, client follow-ups, and solid right-hand support.

When a VA is involved in a business on a regular basis, there’s the opportunity to develop longstanding relationships with your own clients, therefore improving your own personal brand too.


Appear bigger than a one-man band

By assigning email addresses through your domain to the experts on your team, you can copy them in on email correspondence, thereby giving the impression of a larger in-house team.

You can also update your email signature to include the VA’s contact details and respond to your clients over email and say, “I’ve copied in my PA”. In their eyes, if you can afford an assistant then you must be running a successful business, and it’s always about perception.


Gain a sounding board

Many people find that running a business can leave them second-guessing themselves, which then leads to procrastination, therefore meaning their progress stalls.

A huge benefit of having a VA on board is that you will have hired them for their skills and experience, therefore their thoughts and opinions will be hugely valuable to you.

Your VA will be there for you to run ideas by, as well as offering guidance and support.


Stay accountable

When tell your VA that you have a set deadline for a task, a VA will work with you behind the scenes to ensure it’s met on time, every time.

Depending on what motivates you, they can be as laid back or as pushy as you need in order to ensure that the job gets done.


Gain time to focus on what you want to do

Any savvy business owner will know that their time is limited and expensive.

Working with a VA to complete necessary but time-consuming administrative tasks that definitely need to be done, just not by you, makes good business sense.

Let’s say your VA provides just five hours of support every week, that’s an afternoon you could spend on sales, or an opportunity to dust off the trainers and visit the gym for an endorphin rush, or time you could pick the kids up straight from school instead of relying on the after school club.


Experience mental space again

Your VA will act as your second brain and you’ll no longer need to keep a strong working memory of everything that’s going on in your business.

Although your mind may well stay busy (that’s the beauty of you big-picture thinkers), it’ll certainly be less cluttered with a Virtual Assistant on board.



If you would like to scale and grow without doing all the doing on your own, then you’re going to need a solid support team around you.

A VA will often pick up the tasks you don’t have time to do, don’t like doing, or those you simply know aren’t a good use of your time.



If you recognise yourself in any of this post and would like to grow your business with a Virtual Assistant, I can help.

Ready to hire? Woah your horses there, friend. Finding a VA is easy. Finding the right VA for YOU is the hard part. Let’s jump on a clarity call and by the end of our conversation you’ll know WHAT, WHO and HOW.

Like the idea of a VA but aren’t quite sure where to start?

Download my guide: Work Out What To Delegate In 4 Easy Steps.

You have to start letting someone else do these tasks for you.

But how?

First you need to figure out exactly which tasks you can safely and comfortably delegate.

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Get ready to take your life back.