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I hate working hard. Wanting to work smarter and not harder doesn’t make you lazy or afraid of hard work.

It means you don’t want your work to feel like hard work.

As a business owner/partner/mummy, my time is squeezed at the best of times. And more so right now while the schools are closed and the childcare/homeschool/work juggle is very real. I want to be as freakin’ efficient as possible AND feel like I’m making progress.

Fixing the working harder problem


Who else is fed up of working hard? All. The. Freaking. Time. Early mornings. Late nights. Weekends. Trying to do #AllTheThings was getting really tiring. Yet we all have the same hours in a day as Beyonce sooooo.

I came across a phrase that is a PROPER lightbulb moment, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Although, it’s been a real tricky time to get my head around it because I have to call myself out on the BS I carry around. 

And getting my head around this ONE phrase makes such a big difference to achieving goals and keeping your sanity. 

In fact, not doing this one this is the reason things keep falling apart. Why you are constantly in planning mode and never finishing the doing. 

Do you want to know what it is?

It’s to stop confusing motion with action.


Motion versus Action


Motion is diligently helping your clients and staying behind the scenes because because it pays the bills and you’re grateful to have clients. I mean, we’ll ignore the idea that some of the tasks bore you to tears, because that work keeps a roof over your head and, hello, there’s a recession, people! Sometimes, you do try to speak up and offer intelligent and relevant suggestions, but you never feel like your ideas are truly heard or appreciated because you can’t seem to shift the label of helper. Nothing is particularly wrong per se. But you do want more. Something more. Not-quite-sure-what more.

When I heard about this motion versus action idea, I seriously needed to call out my own internal BS, but I found understanding the true meaning of it all a little tricky, so here are a few other examples that you might relate to:

Motion is staying small behind the scenes while diligently helping your clients because it pays the bills even it bores you. You try to step up and offer intelligent suggestions, but your ideas are not heard or appreciated your client views you as just the admin.

Action is deciding your ideas ARE worth hearing because you have more to give. You call out your own BS and look at your current reality versus where you want to be, and come up with a plan for change.

Motion is putting on your big girl pants and deciding that you too can benefit from email marketing. So you pop it on your to-do list… for next month.

Action is creating a smart marketing plan and regularly driving your ideal client towards a freebie download that’s relevant to what you offer. And you build an email list to generate more leads.

Motion is signing up for another super fun five-day challenge about how to write that training course in your head. 

Action is doing the hard thing and dedicating an hour a day to write the course that you want to publish and sell. 

Motion is carefully writing the copy for your new sales page to get it absolutely perfect. (Side note to your subconscious: could this be procrastination through perfection?)

Action is hitting publish on that sales page AND consistently telling people about it over the course of weeks. 

Motion is often fun, and it can be the right next step, but it’s never going to help you build your empire or play bigger if you never transition to the next stage – and that’s action.


Action is the hard thing


Action makes you vulnerable because there is the possibility you’ll have a gigantic wet kipper slapped in your face. No-one wants that. I get it.

But without doing the hard thing, your beautiful ideas aren’t going to make you any money because your audience doesn’t know your creative, innovative and intelligent solutions exist.

Over to you… do you call yourself out when you find yourself stuck in motion rather than action?