You + me (+ team) = remarkable success

Achieving success in business is easy, isn’t it? Just be stonking good at what you do, and serve your clients to the best of your abilities.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Okay, I may have oversimplified one or two things a teeny tiny little bit. But in essence, that part of success is simple.

Maintaining your success, however, and growing your business to even greater levels of excellence – that’s when the real challenges start.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You see the value in having a pro come into your business to conceptualise those big ideas of yours into projects, tasks and targets
  • You thrive when you have regular progress check-ins and accountability
  • You see the value in outsourcing and recognise the need for guidance on where to start and how to do that well
  • You are open-minded to receive strategic advice on how to create a business that’s closer to your vision
  • You want someone who’s going to genuinely care about your results
  • You need someone to present you with well thought out solutions, not problems

Wait – what *is* an OBM anyway?

In the past, clients have referred to me as their:

  • wing-woman
  • confidant
  • trusted adviser
  • second brain
  • business coach
  • office ace

When, in actual fact, my official title is Certified Online Business Manager.

But I’m button-popping proud to wear those different hats and adapt to what level of support my clients need. 

Because it’s not what my job title is, it’s about how I make my clients feel. 

They no longer feel like the bottleneck. 

In fact, they feel positive about the future. Excited even.

They have more brain space for creative thinking and innovation.

And a calm peace of mind that comes from having me on their team.

Can you imagine a world where you wake up safe in the knowledge that you have that dream team in place? 

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How do you know if you need an OBM?

You’ve grown the business as far as you can by being the ‘only one in charge’ and need a wing-woman by your side

You have an established business and see the value in hiring a pro to keep track of your big picture vision

You don’t want to keep juggling the day-to-day activities of the business – it’s not what you do best

You LOVE the idea of having someone on your team who presents solutions rather than problems

You can imagine a world where you wake up safe in the knowledge that your dream team is finally in place

As her experience became more apparent, I have come to truly value her opinion and advice when it comes to how I run my business. I trust her to get the job done. In fact, she always sticks to her word. And that’s a big deal when dealing with remote teams.”

Happy Client

Leadership and Coaching Industry

“Successful leaders surround themselves with great people. You can’t build a great company without help.” – Gino Wickman, author of Traction

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(What the) FAQ: VA or OBM?

💡 Shifting from doing to managing

VA: The focus is on ‘doing’ – they are hired to perform specific tasks (customer service, inbox management, etc) or complete specific projects (i.e. set-up a MailChimp campaign) and are the ones actually doing the work. It’s mostly reactive – the client assigns tasks, the VA completes them.

OBM: The focus is on ‘management’ – they are hired to keep an eye on the big picture and manage all the moving pieces (projects, team members, operations, expenses) to ensure that all projects are getting completed on time and efficiently. It’s super proactive and it’s about treating the client’s business as though it were their own.

💡 Task management

VA: A VA is responsible for their own tasks and projects are being completed and delivered in a timely fashion. They may liaise with other team members (if there are any) but they are not responsible for anyone else’s output.

OBM: An OBM is responsible to ensure that everyone’s tasks and projects are being completed and delivered on time, and that the virtual team remains happy and motivated (virtual high fives all round). Along the way, the OBM ensures that systems are running smoothly and efficiently. The key here is that the OBM thrives on understanding where they fit into the team and how they can help it run well – think the right people doing the right things with the right systems at the right time.


💡 The number of clients

VA: Virtual Assistants will generally work with multiple clients and juggle the workload and expectations of many clients versus focusing on a few.

OBM: Because of the level of responsibility that an OBM has with each client, they typically only will work with two or three clients at a time in this capacity. Because they thrive on understanding the intricacies of a client’s business, they don’t have the brain space or capacity for multiple clients.

💡 Hiring reasoning

VA: Business owners hire VAs to do the necessary tasks and projects that they need completing in their business. They receive instructions from the client. Most will hire in the very early stages of their business (help set up websites, shopping carts, etc) and will also need the ongoing support of VAs long term as the business grows.

OBM: Business owners want to hire an OBM when they’ve grown the business as far as they can being the ‘only one in charge’. Usually around the early to mid 6-figure range a business owner becomes tapped-out and simply can’t (and doesn’t want to) be the one who is managing the day-to-day activities of the business. They need someone who can step into this role and take this off their plate. And the OBM understands their business in such a way that they can make decisions on the client’s behalf and propose solutions rather than problems.

Can imagine a world where you wake up safe in the knowledge that your dream team is in place?

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Over the last twenty years, I have worked as a successful Executive Assistant and Office Manager in the Midlands, Melbourne (Australia) and London.

In 2013, I became a kick-ass Virtual Assistant (VA) and supported high-profile clients including amazing industry leaders, a BAFTA award-winning film producer, a Baron in the House of Lords – to name but a few. I did that for six years before retraining as a Certified Online Business Manager in early 2019. Since then, I’ve published training to help VAs boost their incomes and launched the Remote Working podcast.

Reflecting on the VA world, I identified that most client/VA relationships break down due to mismatched expectations which cause frustration both in and towards the VA industry. I boldly decided to change this and launched a VA Matchmaker service with a database of fan-blooming-tastic professional VAs.

Now I work with a select few awesome clients as their wing-woman in an OBM capacity, and I also develop hiring strategies for people who see the value in having a virtual team but don’t know where to start.

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