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When you think about a goal for your business (or yourself), it’s generally something that will make you more successful. For whatever success looks like for you. How we measure success is very much a personal thing. It can be money or awards and recognition, or it can be something completely different. 

But success – however you see it – needs action

And I want to ask the big question here: what do successful people do that others don’t?

Successful business owners

Because it’s not wealth or connections or luck or their horoscopes, or getting up at 5 am and having a morning routine set in stone.

It’s their attitude towards life.

Successful people are confidenttenacious, and driven

These are all attitudes, not skills.

So I’d love to take a hot moment and explore how we can set you up for success with your goal-setting for the second half of this year.


And the default advice is always the SMART snore-fest:

  • Specific >>> know exactly what you want
  • Measurable >>> be able to follow the progress
  • Achievable >>> be within your capabilities
  • Realistic >>> be possible to do while staying directly relevant to your core strategy
  • Time >>> you must make time to do the thing and set a deadline

You’ve heard of it before, right? It’s not a new concept.

So here’s a challenge to crank it up a notch.

What if I asked you to make your goals not just smart, but smartEST?


  • Exciting >>> you need to feel flippin’ excited about the goal! It needs to light you up! Tune into how achieving this goal will make you feel. Maybe: proud, assured, secure, successful, encouraged, delighted. The list goes on.
  • Super-charged >>> your goals need to disrupt your current status quo and explode through those comfort zones that you have going on in your own universe. The things that give you the sweaty palms just thinking about them. Great things never come from comfort zones. Keep stretching yourself.
  • Task-driven >>> it’s not about creating a goal and then hoping you get there, it’s about detailing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of the teeny-tiny tasks you need to tick through along the way to stop the overwhelm and promote progress you can measure. If you don’t do this, you’re likely to move into procrastination through overwhelm.

Whatever your goals are, they’re going to take time, focus and dedication to achieve. So when you consider what’s next in your business game plan – things like updating website copy or email marketing, the next step is to break those goals into tasks and deadlines and be superlative using the SMARTEST method*. 

* I totally made this up. In all honesty, I was hoping for a TRETIS-related acronym, but I’ll have to save that idea for another day.