100 Tasks to Give to a Virtual Assistant 2020

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“Thank you Victoria, you went above and beyond my expectations. I desperately needed guidance and you gave me not just the guidance, but the assurance and confidence I really needed to set me up successfully – AND – you even went through her contacts to put me in touch with the right people for exactly what I was looking for.”


Founder, Mama Manual

“I’ve already gone on to recommend Victoria’s Clarity Call to my contacts who are thinking about hiring a VA but don’t know where to start. 

And I’ve done that because I am confident that what she doesn’t know about hiring and onboarding a VA just isn’t worth knowing.”


About Victoria Tretis

Victoria Tretis worked as a kick-ass Virtual Assistant (VA) for six years before retraining as a Certified Online Business Manager in early 2019.

Since then, she’s published training to help other VAs earn more money, and launched the Remote Working podcast. Reflecting on the VA world, Victoria identified that most client/VA relationships break down due to mis-matched expectations which cause frustration both in and towards the VA industry. Victoria decided she wanted to change this, and launched her VA Matchmaker service with a database of professional VAs.

Now she works with clients who are thinking about hiring a VA but don’t know where to start. Victoria’s tried and tested methodology gives clients a clear action plan to successfully find, hire and onboard a VA.

Because hiring a VA is easy. Hiring the right VA is considerably harder.

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