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I worked as a VA for five odd years before I became a Certified Online Business Manager.

And during that time, I came to realise that although working with a VA had many benefits, there were misconceptions which weren’t doing the industry any favours.

So it’s time to set the record straight.

Because if you’re thinking about how to hire a Virtual Assistant, you need to keep reading.


Myth 1: The Unicorn VA

A Unicorn VA: mythical creature that has ALL the worldly skills, creativity that knows no bounds, 24/7 availability and instant-messenger-type responsiveness.

That Unicorn VA? It doesn’t exist.

And misunderstandings about what a VA can do are leading to mismatched client/VA relationships and frustrations on both sides.

Here’s the truth: sometimes a VA isn’t the right answer.

Sometimes the right answer is two VAs with complementary skill sets.

Sometimes the answer is actually an employee.

Quite honestly, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, and what you need will depend on your business, your expectations and the role you have in mind.


Myth 2: VA = “side hustle”

Gah! My least favourite myth. For some reason, there’s a common misunderstanding that becoming a VA is a side hustle and so-called easy money.

This isn’t the case at all.

Stripping it back to its bare bones, the aspects of running a VA business are probably very similar to your own – accounting, marketing, networking, sales, client management, and so on. The GREAT thing about this is that the VA you ultimately choose will have gained masses of knowledge into those areas when running their own business, and their experience will directly benefit your own.


Myth 3: VA = Working Mum

I’d like to see fewer stock images of a mum bobbing a baby on her knee while working away at the laptop, please.

Flexible working is for all people, people. 

There are all sorts of people rocking this VA thing: working mums, working dads, digital nomads, people who just crave flexible working because it works around their other commitments.


Myth 4: A VA is a VA is a VA

You know how “coaching” doesn’t really explain what someone does or who they help?

It’s exactly the same for the word Virtual Assistant.

There are VAs who are generalists and can help with the all-round admin things. Then there are VAs who specialise in the more techy tasks such as landing pages sales funnels, and automation.

Others specialise in bookkeeping.

Some VAs only work with clients who need support on a regular basis.

Others support clients who need one-off and adhoc projects (think the digital nomad who doesn’t want to be tied to office hours).

There are some who only work with a particular industry, niche or demographic.

Some are more reactive and provide project support after receiving specific direction on the task, goal and outcomes. These VAs may specialise in certain projects – social media support, email marketing campaigns, and other tasks with a defined outcome.

I must stress – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and your business may mean you need more than one type of VA.

Others prefer to build long-lasting business relationships by forming trusted partnerships with their clients. By providing support to clients on an ongoing basis, the VA gains a greater understanding of the client’s business and can become more proactive over time. These VAs typically come from a more administrative background as a personal assistant or executive assistant.

Some may offer both types of services – project-based and ongoing.

AND there are all sorts of variations in between.

Myth 5: Offshore VAs are always cheaper

It’s true that hiring an offshore VA may be cheaper when comparing hourly rates.

Regardless of price, if the VA doesn’t have the qualities you need (skills, experience qualifications, licensing, etc), they can’t actually do the job.

I’m going to repeat that part because it’s SO important:

Regardless of price, if the VA doesn’t have the qualities you need (skills, experience qualifications, licensing, etc), they can’t actually do the job.

There’s little point in making a decision based solely on pricing, and hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake.


Myth 6: A VA is plug and play

Onboarding anyone – employee or freelancer – will always be both a time and money investment.

VAs are often very good at their jobs, but they aren’t plug and play. 

Not only will you need to set aside the money to pay the VA regardless of your cashflow situation, their success will depend on whether you carve time out of your schedule to train them.


Myth 7: A VA is available to you 24/7

Working with a pay-as-you-go VA is usually ‘subject to availability’, so they can’t always be instantly available for you when there’s no time commitment on your side.

Similarly, if you’re booking a VA for 10 hours a month, that works out to be around just 30 minutes per day if they’re using time-blocking to manage their time. This means they’ll allocate a 30-minute chunk to work on your juicy stuff and then move onto the next client.

Expecting a VA to be responsive all throughout their working day when you’re only paying for a tiny fraction of their time, is going to lead to mis-matched expectations.

Which is why a 24-hour response time is commonplace.

If you need a VA who’s super responsive and available to you during all your own core hours, you’ll need to:

  • retain the VA’s time with an advance block-booking to match the responsiveness you require.
  • pay a premium for same-day turnaround.
  • hire an employee who’s dedicated you alone.

As you can see, there are several factors to consider before starting the hiring process.


How to hire a VA for your business

(even if you don’t know where to start, and without feeling overwhelmed)

Here’s the truth: hiring a Virtual Assistant is a SUPER exciting time in a business. It typically means that you, as a business owner, are ready to make more money without sacrificing your personal life. You recognise the need for help because you’re approaching a bursting point in your business, and you are ready to start delegating.

Hiring a VA can be challenging… and if you’ve ever seen those 200+ comment threads in Facebook communities where people make the mistake of asking for a recommendation, only to have their inbox bombarded for days… you’ll know what I mean.

Hiring your first (or 51st!) hire can be difficult and you need to make sure that you’re getting the right person for the job… otherwise you leave yourself open to frustration, heartache and a lot of money down the drain.

That’s where I come in!  

Work Out What To Delegate In 4 Easy Steps

In an ideal world, doing business would mean working with your clients, doing all those other things you enjoy about your work… and ONLY those things.

Reality isn’t as peachy though.

Success comes with a byproduct. More growth means more ‘busywork’.

Distracting you and taking up too much of your time and energy – that seems to be these tasks’ sole purpose in life.

You know they need to be done, but they’re also keeping you from focusing on your favourite core activities in your business.

Not to mention the fact they’re cutting into the time you’d love to devote to your family, personal pursuits, or just plain fun stuff.

The solution is simple.

You have to start letting someone else do these tasks for you.

But how?

First you need to figure out exactly which tasks you can safely and comfortably delegate.

So I’ve created a free guide with 4 easy steps to help you.

Download your freebie guide: Work Out What To Delegate In 4 Easy Steps.

Get ready to take your life back.

And set your first step towards your continued and sustainable business growth.

Book a Clarity Call

Work with me and you’ll get super clear on exactly how to hire the best person for your business so that you don’t waste precious time, energy or financial resources on an expensive mistake.

After a one-to-one clarity call with me, I guarantee you’ll:

  • Know exactly what essential skills and experience your VA has to possess. And if a VA isn’t right for your business, I’ll tell you! We’ll still come up with an action plan that is right for your business.
  • Have a written advert that is so dang specific to your needs, that only those who can actually do the job will apply.
  • Discover my secret sauce when it comes to shortlisting candidates quickly, easily and fairly.

And if you feel I don’t deliver on the above? I’ll give you your money back. Simples.

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