Are you a VA looking to take on more work?

Ready to work with better clients?

I just might be able to help you with that.

As an Online Business Manager, I’m here to match clients with the right VA. That’s what I do.

Businesses and entrepreneurs come to me when they think they need a Virtual Assistant. They tell me about their specific situation and together we explore how a VA could help them.

Then I delve into my contacts and my database to find the VA with just the right profile for that client.

That’s where you come in.

Register your details now and I’ll consider your details when the right client match comes along.

I can’t promise you any work obviously, because that depends mainly on the client and their needs.

But I do promise you this:

NO spammy sales tactics!

I merely want to expand my network so I can help businesses and entrepreneurs find the VA who’s right for them.

ZERO cost to you!

I have completed two courses written by Victoria How to Become an Associate VA and the VA Associates Course.

Both courses are excellent. They are extremely well set out and easy to follow.

Victoria is top class with a wealth of knowledge and experience which she brings to everything she does.

Anna Rogers