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I transform ambitious VAs into well-paid and well-respected business managers.


Are you a kick-ass VA who wants something more from your business, but you can’t quiiiiiite put your finger on what that actually is?

Maybe you feel stuck and unsure of your next step.

Perhaps you have some ideas but you’re worried about judgement / failure / visibility because you’re used to staying behind the scenes.

Does that sound familiar? 

Well worry not. Because when the best time to start something is always going to be yesterday, the next best time is today. And I have some good news. It’s today right now. Let’s begin with the options below. 💪

About me

I’m Victoria Tretis (rhymes with lettuce! And yes, it does look a bit like Tetris, doesn’t it?!). 😂

After going through a redundancy just weeks before my daughter was born, I experienced serious worry about my career and income.

I vowed to never let that happen again….

Yet I kept playing small and hid my dreams: start a business, hire a team, buy my own car, publish training…so many suppressed ideas!.

Fear kept on holding me back. I knew I had to get out of my own freakin’ way.

By investing time and money into kick-ass personal development, I started to make quicker decisions and take bolder action. 💪

And that solid inner foundation has helped me move past self-doubt (as someone who hid behind a pseudonym on social media!!) to today’s version of me who’s a proud business owner using my name as my brand.

“Victoria is honest, funny and is brilliant at what she does. She gave me so much good advice and help, I feel she went above and beyond to help and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to pick her brains. Thank you!” – Happy Client

But enough about me.

I want to know about YOU! What are YOU here for? And how can I help? Click on one of the options above to read more.